online3In the Production Accelerator Course you will learn how to cruise to higher production.  This course is taught by a team of successful advisors who present the Circle of Wealth® to clients on a daily basis; and they will help you learn to successfully implement the  Circle of Wealth® system into your practice.   (This course is included with new members initial two-year subscription.)

What You Will Learn

  • The complete 10-Step Client Process including the discussions to have during each stepbtsdon1
  • How to navigate the Circle of Wealth® applications and where they fit during the client process
  • What to say when asked “what do you do” that will make the prospect want to hear what you have to say
  • How to build a 100% referral business
  • Prospecting tools that tell people what you do without any reference to product
  • The five areas you must master to find the money and how to master them
  • One simple step you may be leaving out that could improve your closing ratio by 50%
  • A simple pictorial model that will help you communicate how one’s financial security is impacted by the balance or lack of balance between one’s current lifestyle needs and desires and the requirements of saving and investing for their future lifestyle
  • A 10-minute presentation on life insurance that will have your prospects wanting to put all the money they can into permanent insurance
  • How discussing life insurance from a “Wants” perspective rather than a “Needs” position will have your prospect wanting to purchase all the coverage the insurance company will issue
  • Why death benefit and access to capital in a life insurance policy should be the primary focus with the tax treatment and internal rate of return secondary
  • See a communication tool that will allow you to show all your clients assets on one page, all at different interest rates and different tax brackets
  • How to compare two strategies side by side and illustrate the differences between the two
  • And much more

What’s Included

  • Twelve instructor-led online sessions to help you learn the system and the 10-Step Client Process
  • Practical help to understand how to operate the system
  • Course Resource Guide with every screen and script
  • Access to your instructors during your live sessions
  • Session recordings

Upcoming Events

  • January 14th at 1-2:30 p.m. Eastern.  This group will be every other Tuesday for 12 sessions


  • $500 per person – Register Now
  • Included with New Member subscription