Circle of Wealth® Annual Conference – COW College

Put COW College 2024 on your calendar for January 4-6 in Orlando Florida!!!

Every year in January, we host our Annual Advisor Conference.  We hear over and over again that this is the best place for financial professionals to start their new year.

What sets this industry-leading conference apart is that it is 100% education and networking-based, not a vendor-driven event. During the conference, the MoneyTrax team shares exciting new developments with the software, training programs, and marketing tools. In addition, our team of Executive Coaches, power advisors who know the system inside and out, will share their secrets to success in using the Circle of Wealth® to help their clients across the country.

COW College also offers a unique platform where you can learn about or share new ideas directly with the entire MoneyTrax team who will be onsite to serve you. We are very interested in hearing your comments and we often take the ideas expressed at COW College and add them right to the system!


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