This week the life insurance industry lost a true leader in the passing of Nelson Nash, the creator of the Infinite Banking concept.  Nelson taught and trained thousands of advisors during his long career about the power of owning permanent life insurance.

I was privileged to have met Nelson early in my entry into the business long before starting MoneyTrax.  He spoke at COW College several times and anyone who knew him saw the definition of a “southern gentleman.”  

Not only did he believe in life insurance he owned it.  Unfortunately, many agents sell life insurance not owning the very product they want others to buy.  He did not believe that a life insurance contract was to remain in the bottom drawer but to be used over and over throughout ones life for opportunities and current lifestyle issues.  

He and I spent many hours over the years together discussing the power of life insurance and he would always say one of his biggest regrets was that he did not purchase more sooner.  While he loved life insurance, his faith was not in life insurance created by man but eternal life insurance created by his heavenly father.

Nelson ran and good race and is now resting with his Lord and Savior.  We were honored to know him and our prayers are with his family and loved ones.  

– Don Blanton and the MoneyTrax family of advisors

Link to Nelson’s obituary: