Valerie Plewak

Training & Marketing Coordinator

Valerie has over 25 years of experience in project administration. Valerie’s friendly and efficient manner when dealing with clients and associates has helped her blend well with the MoneyTrax team and its members.

Valerie joined the MoneyTrax in the summer of 2007; her position has grown over the years and she now coordinates all of the Circle of Wealth® training programs, manages their marketing material, and helps out in all departments when and wherever needed.

In 1999, Valerie married her high school sweetheart and she is the proud mother of two boys, Wyatt & Nicholas.   In 2004, Valerie and her husband moved to Melbourne, Florida from San Diego because they wanted a slower-paced lifestyle that focused on family and God.

When not working, Valerie enjoys skateboarding, boating, fishing, and time with her family.

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