Ryan King

Ryan King, CHS, CEA

Executive Coach

It quickly became clear to me as I began April 2003, that in the Financial Services world…if you can’t communicate, you don’t eat. It also became apparent that this is one of the most dysfunctional and disjointed Industries I’ve ever seen and yet, I love it to bits.

With these fundamental tenets in mind, I embarked on a lifelong quest to find succinct ways to share, educate, translate and convey concepts and ideas about how money works while reducing the hassle that ensued from an Industry notorious for its flash and dash commission salespeople. Said another way, I had to learn how to communicate so I could eat.

Putting myself in the shoes of the folks we serve, I quickly came to realize everyone absorbs information differently. For some folks, they need spreadsheets and calculators while most respond better to a diagram or two.

By implementing the Circle of Wealth® system, I’m able to communicate with great clarity the ideas and concepts that portray how money really works with all types of people, in a very timely manner.

I have great confidence knowing we can move along on various topics during a meeting – all right at my fingertips.

What started off as a 12-month experimental “test drive” of Circle of Wealth® suddenly became a key component of our business offering.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, I suggest the PEM (Personal Economic Model) is worth many multiples and, I won’t ever be without it.

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