Jeff Hopper


Mr. Hopper brings over 20 years of business ownership experience, as well as 25 years of telephone, security, network, Internet, computer hardware and software experience to the MoneyTrax team. In addition, he spent the last ten years serving the technical needs of the financial services marketplace. Jeff’s education includes a B.S. degree in Information Technology (4.0 GPA) and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) graduate degree (3.97 GPA). He is a self-study/self-taught, published programmer of VB, C#, .NET, SQL, PHP & HTML applications.

Jeff Hopper has a unique ability to create intuitive interfaces for user interaction with software. He is a problem solving, logical, and detail oriented leader, but credits his primary success to his Christian core beliefs of honesty, integrity and faithful service.

His thorough understanding of the business and communications needs of the entrepreneur/salesperson as well as an advanced understanding of the key factors involved in running a successful business while maintaining mutually beneficial relationships makes Mr. Hopper a valuable addition to the extended MoneyTrax team. Similarly, his experience conceiving and developing commercially viable software, and a unique ability to synthesize disparate arrays of tools, concepts, and interfaces to produce creatively simple and intuitive solutions for the modern businessperson makes him the ideal candidate to take the MoneyTrax systems and product offerings to the “next level.”

Jeff has been married to his darling bride Stephanie (the “Rocket Scientist”) since 1988. Stephanie has moved on from the Space Shuttle Program and now currently works full time as the Director of Laboratories (Engineering Dept.) for the Florida Institute of Technology. Their daughter Charlene a Registered Nurse, became happily married in 2009 and is traveling down the path of this great adventure we call life.

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