Beth Walker

Beth Walker

Executive Coach & Master Mentor

Beth is a mom on a mission. She collaborates with families to create better futures—for their college-bound kids and the parents they leave behind. Working with families all over the county, Beth enthusiastically shares the concepts she wrote about in her 2017 book, Never Pay Retail for College. As a mother, Beth understands the emotional, nail-biting aspects of this challenge.

College is a six-figure project loaded with emotion and stress that comes from information overwhelm, not knowing who to trust, and the need to “get it right”. As a college fiduciary, she understands the pragmatic, financial components of the whole experience and guides families through their personal college project plan using the Money Trax tools.

Beth has been a financial planner since 1998; she is the author of two books, An Employee’s Guide to Stock Options (McGraw-Hill, 2003) and How To Give Your Child A 4 Year College Education Without Going Broke (College Funding Coaches, 2005). As the leader of a team of independent financial advisors, Beth and her colleagues enjoy an “open architecture” in their pursuit of products and services that provide the best solutions for their clients.

Beth is a Certified College Planning Specialist (CCPS) trained in the complex strategies suitable for reducing a family’s out-of-pocket expenses, routinely saving families 25% – 50% on the cost of college. Beth and her team are committed to providing an affordable college education for every student and an on-time retirement for their parents through their College RX Prescription program.


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