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NEW Production Launcher Course for Members

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 12.32.14 PMHave you taken advantage of our new Production Launcher Course?  This course will help you quickly learn and implement the Personal Economic Model© into your practice.

The lessons in this course include:
Lesson 1: PEM Software & Support Materials
Lesson 2: Door Openers
Lesson 3: The 15 Minute Coffee Shop Meeting
Lesson 4: Open Ended Questions
Lesson 5: PEM Ideal Position and Typical Position
Lesson 6: Tank Allocation Mix
Lesson 7: Green Tank List of Accounts and Life Insurance
Lesson 8: How We Get Paid
Lesson 9: 9 Steps After They Say Yes
Lesson 10: PEM For All Generations

CLICK HERE to access the course.

What’s New in 2016

At COW College, we rolled out new software updates, a new comprehensive members only website, and a completely overhauled product offering.

Circle of Wealth® Software Updates

The Circle of Wealth® 2016 release is now available for download.  This year’s release includes:

  • Personal Economic Model improvements
  • A new Reverse Mortgage module with integration into Retirement Ready or Not
  • Enhanced features in the Retirement Income Predictability module
  • Updates to the Spending Game including a new Personal Economic Model summary comparison view and a new SGv2.0 file converter
  • A new desktop application called TakeNote

To download the new version, visit:

To read about the changes, visit our support site at:

Members Website

We launched a new members website that is now customized to each individual member.  This new site consolidates much of our training content, provides new content (all COW Tales now online!), and hosts all your new training course recordings and documents. All online and ready to stream from any device at any time.  Below is a walkthrough of the members area.


New Membership Level

We’re excited to roll out a completely revised membership level. We’ve packaged every available Circle of Wealth® feature and all our marketing videos into a single membership level we call PRO. With this membership you’ll now have access to MOU, iCOW, TakeNote, Unlimited Communication Profiles, CSi, COW Tales, and all marketing videos via embed codes for a single annual or monthly charge.  Below is a walkthrough of the COW PRO membership and you can click here for all the details.

2016 Annual Advisor Conference

COW College LOGO

Where Smart Financial Professionals Come to Learn, Build & Connect

January 5-7, 2016 in Orlando, Florida

You are invited to be our guest at our Annual Advisor Conference!  With over 20 years in the business and thousands of loyal members, MoneyTrax knows what it takes for an advisor to succeed.

At this event you will:

  • Network with hundreds of successful financial professionals
  • Jump-start your year with three days of industry leading training
  • Learn how to engage your prospects and better communicate with your clients

Visit to register and learn more.

Circle of Wealth Software Release Going Live on 2/1/2015!

cowWe’re excited to announce the 2015 Circle of Wealth® system release. Our members can update the software via the launcher on Sunday, February 1st to get all the latest updates.

Members can see the details of the release in our online help system.  Below are some of the tools and applications that were enhanced:

  • Personal Economic Model®
  • Retirement Income Alternatives
  • Retirement Income Predictability (New Application)
  • Draw Tool
  • Market History and Tax Schedule
  • And much more!

Special thanks to our Circle of Wealth community. With your continued input and support, we improve and add to our applications so you can enhance your client conversations. Please keep up the feedback.  Also, special thanks to our development leader Jeff Hopper and the entire MoneyTrax team for a year of hard work.  In working together, we help tens of thousands of families each year through our applications and your sound advice!

Note on Spending Game 2015 Release: We have made great progress in rewriting the entire Spending Game application and adding many features to improve the usability and reporting capabilities. We expect to be done with the bulk of the software coding in the next month, and will then move on to testing. We expect to release the first version in the Spring.

If you have any trouble updating your software, give our customer support team a call at (321) 369-9470 option 2.  If you would like to learn how these new features can help you better serve your clients call 321-369-9470 option 1.

At your service,
Mark Guthrie
MoneyTrax, Inc.

2015 Annual Advisor Conference Highlights

ccOur 2015 Annual Advisor Conference, COW College, held in Orlando Florida  January 8-10 was another successful conference with:

  • Over 750 attendees
  • 15 breakout sessions on topics from Marketing to Retirement Ready or Not
  • Special guest speaker New York Yankee Bobby Richardson
  • Two live client meetings on stage
  • Over 20 hours of training



The Problems With Paying Cash

OK, we all know debt is a problem but how can paying cash be a problem? First of all, in order to be able to pay cash one must be a saver, which is a problem for many. Using your tank picture (Personal Economic Model in the Private Reserve Strategy) you must first fill the tank. As you fill the tank, you must report any interest gained on the account to the IRS and pay taxes on the gain which makes it even more difficult to fill the tank.

Once the tank is full, meaning you have enough money in the tank to make your purchase, you must now drain the tank. When you drain the tank, you now have lost the money you took out of the tank plus the interest the money would have earned had you not taken it out.

Each time you drain the tank, you reset compounding. By that we mean, you have forfeited the growth the money in the tank would have earned and must start the compounding process all over.

Suppose you were going to enter a 10K race. You get your number and line up at the starting line. When you hear the gun, you start running along with all the others. While you may not be in the lead, you are doing pretty well compared to the rest of the runners.

About two miles into the race you begin to get thirsty. As you plod along, you remember that they had bottles of water on the tables at the starting line so you run back to the start to get a drink and then return to the race.

What are the chances you will ever catch up to where you were? They are not very good.

Explain this to your clients and prospects and be sure to ask them: “Have you been resetting compounding?”  If so, give us a call and learn how you can avoid this crippling financial decision.