cowWe’re excited to announce the 2015 Circle of Wealth® system release. Our members can update the software via the launcher on Sunday, February 1st to get all the latest updates.

Members can see the details of the release in our online help system.  Below are some of the tools and applications that were enhanced:

  • Personal Economic Model®
  • Retirement Income Alternatives
  • Retirement Income Predictability (New Application)
  • Draw Tool
  • Market History and Tax Schedule
  • And much more!

Special thanks to our Circle of Wealth community. With your continued input and support, we improve and add to our applications so you can enhance your client conversations. Please keep up the feedback.  Also, special thanks to our development leader Jeff Hopper and the entire MoneyTrax team for a year of hard work.  In working together, we help tens of thousands of families each year through our applications and your sound advice!

Note on Spending Game 2015 Release: We have made great progress in rewriting the entire Spending Game application and adding many features to improve the usability and reporting capabilities. We expect to be done with the bulk of the software coding in the next month, and will then move on to testing. We expect to release the first version in the Spring.

If you have any trouble updating your software, give our customer support team a call at (321) 369-9470 option 2.  If you would like to learn how these new features can help you better serve your clients call 321-369-9470 option 1.

At your service,
Mark Guthrie
MoneyTrax, Inc.